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Here at Kestrel Honda we try to make buying your new motorbike as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We understand that financing this purchase is often one of your big considerations and for that reason we have lots of different options. We know that you will often have a monthly payment in mind that you can afford and we will look at structuring your finance to achieve that for you. If you have a part exchange you can often use that to cover your deposit. If you still have finance outstanding on your current bike we can clear that for you when you part exchange leaving you able to upgrade to a new machine.

Throughout our website on our motorbike pages you will often see several different finance products on offer. This page aims to try and explain a little about each of the finance products on offer, however, please do talk to one of our sales team if you have more questions. We do offer finance on both road and off road bikes.

Personal Contract Purchase or PCP

This is becoming a popular way to finance a new motorcycle as it offers a low initial deposit and allows you to keep your monthly repayments down. At the end of the agreement there is a final payment to settle but you have a number of options available to you:-

  • A large percentage of customers will part exchange their bike in for a new one and start a new PCP agreement. This allows you to have a new bike regularly.
  • You can settle the outstanding balance
  • You can simply hand the motorbike or scooter back. If you decide on this action you maybe liable for any costs that are necessary to put the bike into good repair and condition commensurate with age and miles travelled. When you took the agreement you will also have agreed a mileage limit and if you have exceeded this you will be liable to pay a surcharge per mile.

PCP Finance is great for customers who want to change their motorbike regularly. This type of finance is not usually available on off road bikes.

Final Payment Finance

This is very similar to PCP as you can keep your deposit and monthly repayments low with a final payment at the end of the agreement. You have some options available to you at the end of the agreement:-

  • A large percentage of customers will part exchange their bike in for a new one and start a new agreement. This allows you to have a new bike regularly.
  • You can settle the outstanding balance

Unlike PCP with final payment finance you cannot hand the bike back at the end of the agreement. The advantage of final payment finance is the guide residual value of your bike is often higher allowing the finance company to agree a higher final payment which allows us to keep your monthly repayments more affordable.

Hire Purchase (HP)

With HP you have a more direct route to buying your new motorbike. You pay an initial deposit and then pay for your new bike with a set monthly payment over an agreed term which is usually no more than 60 months. At the end of the term there is no final payment to be made and you own the bike. Your monthly repayments will usually be higher if you take this option.

If you are applying for finance and are under 21 you may need a guarantor to help you obtain the finance.

In order to be able to offer you the most competitive finance options here at Kestrel Honda we work with a number of Finance Providers. If your credit score is a little low then we may still be able to get you finance however it is likely that the APR will be higher than those offered in our adverts. If this is the case our sales team will discuss the monthly repayments and APR with you.

In processing your proposal for finance we will pass your details to a finance company for assessment. In considering your application they may disclose details about you and your conduct to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency and keep a record of enquiries. Any information that is provided to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency will be recorded and possibly retained by them. If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information. Further details regarding the use of information are available by written application to Kestrel Honda.

Please CLICK HERE to apply for finance and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Finance at Kestrel Honda
Finance at Kestrel Honda