Category A2 & A Licence or Direct Access

If you are older than 19 years of age then you can take your test on the Direct Access Scheme. This means you can ride a motorcycle up to 35KW (47BHP). If you are older than 21 years of age then you can take your A Licence test providing you have passed your A2 Licence and have 2 full years riding experience in that category. If you are older than 24 years of age then you can take your test on the Direct Access Scheme. You can ride any CC motorcycle and have no restirctions.

The Stages of Learning are: 1) Complete the CompulsoryBasic Training (CBT) 2) Take your  Motor Cycle Theory Test.

This is a screen-based test and consists of two parts, which are taken together. It has been devised to test your knowledge of riding theory, in particular the rules of the road and best riding practice.

Part One

Consists of a series of 50 multiple choice questions and lasts 57 minutes. Five of the questions are presented ina  case study scenario. The subject of the scenario focuses on real like examples and experiences that riders might encounter on the road.

Part Two

Hazard perception test and involves responding to a series of film clips containing one or more developing hazards. This part of the test lasts about 20 minutes, during which time you will be shown 14 video film clips containing 15 hazards.

You will need to pass both parts in one sitting to pass your theory test. If you fail one of the parts, you will need to take the whole test again. Your theory test pass certificate is valid for two years

3) Undertake Your Training 4) Take Your Test

The Test consist of two modules. To get your full motor cycle or moped licence you will need to successfully complete bothmodules in turn within two years of passing the theory test. Module One- Off Road

Your must pass this first, if you complete this to the required  standard, you will then be eligible to take module 2, the on road element. You must use the same subcategory of motorcycle for both modules of the practical test.

Module one- Off Road

Will take place on a safe, off-road manoeuvring area, and will include 1) a series of eleven practical riding manoeuvres around a pre-set circuit, includign a slalom, avoidance exercise, u-turn and emergency stop. Some manoeuvres are to be carried out at a specified minimum speed 2) The off-road riding element takes around 10 minutes to complete

Module Two- On Road

This will be conducted from one of the DSA's tets centres and will test your ability to ride safely in traffic under normal road conditions. The examiner will observe a number of features including your Use of controls Observation Signals Use of Speed Meeting and Passing other vehicles Awareness and anticipation Approach to junctions and roundabouts This will last about 35-40 minutes and will also include the eyesight test and vehicle safety questions.