Get On Campaign

What’s it all about?
If you’re thinking of getting on two wheels, get a free motorcycle ride on us. You can try a motorbike or scooter at a time and place that suits you, with hands on experience and advice from a qualified trainer.
It lasts about an hour, and we’ll lend you a helmet and all the safety gear. We are a "get on " appointed training schhol so just give us a call.

New Riders
You don’t need a licence, but you do need to be 16 or over. You can expect:
A session in the classroom that covers basic bike safety, clothing and accessories. We will lend you a helmet,jacket, gloves, and all the essential gear you need.

A session on a training area away from public roads. The instructor will introduce you to a motorcycle or scooter, show you the controls and let you get the feel of the bike. You can then try a supervised ride and get an assessment. Your instructor will also tell you about how you can continue your riding, if you want to. This covers the structure of training and how to get different levels of licence, how to book training, what kind of motorbike or scooter you might buy and where to look for one. You also get the chance to ask questions.

Get back on Two Wheels
If you’ve ridden before, you may have the itch to get back on two wheels.
This session should help you decide if you’re ready to ride a motorbike or scooter again, refresh your skills, and hopefully remind you what you’re missing!

You can expect
A classroom element to find out your level of experience and bring you up to date on motorcycle safety. We will lend you a helmet, gloves, and all the essential gear.

A practical session in a training area away from public roads. The instructor will remind you of the controls, let you get the feel for riding again, and take you through essentials like slow speed control, stopping safely and riding around a simple course.

A session on your next options. If you want to carry on riding, you’ll learn about advanced training like Enhanced Rider Schemes (ERS), or how to get a full licence, if you don’t already have one. You can also find out what scooters and motorcycles are available, or ask any other questions.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We know that once you’ve tried it, some of you will like riding and want to take it further. If you don’t, that’s fine. But if you don’t try it, you’ll never know.