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Kestrel Honda is proud to offer a full service and workshop facility. We have fully trained and accredited Technicians equipped with all the latest Honda diagnostic equipment and tools to make sure your motorcycle or scooter runs like clockwork from the day you collect it and onwards for years and years to come. So if you are looking for a motorcycle or scooter service in Coventry you will find everything you need.

Your motorcycle does not have to be a Honda or purchased from ourselves for us to be able look after your needs. We service all main manufacturers motorbikes including Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Sym. If your motorcycle or Scooter is not on the list just ask.

Whatever motorbike or scooter you have and whatever it needs need we can do it: Servicing, MOT, Tyres, Fault diagnostics, Wheel alignment, Insurance estimates, Repairs, Suspension, Accessory fitting, anything you need really……

We also offer a while you wait service and have a customer waiting area and a good cafe just round the corner. If you live or work a little distance from us we also offer a collect and deliver service. We cover all surrounding areas including Leicester, Hinckley, Rugby, Leamington Spa, Birmingham and Stratford.

What is Included in an MOT Test

The MOT is to ensure your motorcycle or scooter is roadworthy and safe for both you and other road users. An MOT is conducted once a year starting on the third anniversary after your motorcycle or scooter was registered.
Below is a list of the major items that are checked during the MOT:-


Headlights and Tail Lights must be free of chips or cracks; the headlight must also work on main and dip beam, the main beam must shine directly ahead and the dip slightly lower and to the left. Indicator lights must all flash at a steady rate and the warning lights function properly. If a Hazard Warning System is fitted, all 4 indicators must flash at a steady uniform rate. Bikes must have a red REFLECTOR on the rear of the machine, either attached on separately or as part of the tail light lens.


With the front wheel raised off the ground the handlebar must not hit or foul the tank when the steering is fully turned lock to lock, the steering must move freely and without drag or notchiness. The handlebar must be securely mounted and the grips secure. With the fork sliders held, try to push and pull on the forks, there must be no play in the steering head bearings.


Our MOT examiner will:

  • Check the hoses for fluid leaks, bulges & cracking
  • Check disc brakes are mounted and free from cracks
  • Check ABS warning lights, where fitted
  • Check the wheel is free to rotate without brake drag in free-wheel
  • Check that brake pads/shoes are not warn beyond limits
  • Check the rear brake torque arm is secure and that fasteners are secured by self-locking nuts or castellated nuts with split-pins or R-clips

Wheels & Tyres

Over one quarter of MOT test failures are due to worn tyres. Here are the main items our MOT examiner will check on your motorbike or scooter:

  • Cast wheels should be secure and free from cracks, similarly, spoked wheels will be checked for broken, corroded, loose or bent spokes
  • The tyre and wheel must run free in free-wheel nor must they foul the suspension or the mudguards
  • Worn wheel bearings will fail and the front and rear wheels will be checked for alignment
  • Tyres must be compatible, suitable for road use and, if fitted with a direction arrow, fitted to spin in the direction of forward wheel rotation
  • Tyres will be checked for tread depth and condition as well as sidewall condition


For the front suspension our MOT examiner will check:

  • No oil leaks from anti-drive units
  • On bikes with swingarm suspension, there must be no freeplay in the linkage when moved from side to side
  • There should be no oil visible on the fork tube or leaking down the slider around the fork oil areas
  • The forks must be adequately dampened
  • At the rear, the checks will be:
  • No oil leaks around the shock absorber
  • No play in the swingarm or suspension linkage bearings
  • Pivot bearings will be checked for wear
  • The shock absorber must give adequate damping
  • The suspension must not foul on body parts or accessories

Exhaust System

The decibel level will be assessed at the discretion of our MOT tester, other checks are:
• The exhaust mountings must be secure and not fouling any part of the rear suspension
• The exhaust must not be holed and free from leaks from both joints and box(es)
• Replacements units, other than bikes registered before 01.Jan.1985, must have the BSAU 193 stamp

• The chain/belt must not have excessive slack and be in good condition, the guard must be secure and not fouling
• On shaft drive bikes, the drive unit must be free from oil leaks
• Both sprockets should be securely mounted and not excessively worn

• Check that the horn is of reasonable volume and a continuous single tone
• Check for corrosion on the frame and any load bearing components
• The footrests must have an anti-slip surface
• All major components, bodypanels and mudguards must be securely fitted
• The footrests, handlebar levers and brake pedal must be securely mounted

An MOT certificate confirms that at the time of the test that the motorbike or scooter met the minimum standards required to pass an MOT. It does not mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the life of the certificate. The MOT test does not cover the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox.

All our MOT testers have been on a training course with VOSA and their competence to complete a MOT test is checked regularly by VOSA.

Hints & Tips Before You Bring Your Motorcycle Or Scooter For An MOT

There are some checks that you can do on your Motorcycle or Scooter before you bring it to us for the MOT to reduce the chance of it failing:-

1. Check your headlights – Do the dipped, side and main beams all work correctly
2. Check your indicators – Do they all light up and flash at a steady pace. If they flash too quickly that can cause an MOT failure. If you have hazard warning lights they must all flash together.
3. Check your breaklights work
4. Check that your horn works and can be clearly heard
5. Check that your tyres have the correct minimum tread depth
6. Check your chain is tightened correctly
Remember you will need to have an up to date MOT certificate to tax your motorcycle or scooter.

Booking Your MOT

To book your MOT with Kestrel Honda, Coventry just give us a call on 02476 703900 or complete the online booking request. It usually takes about 45 minutes for us to complete the MOT and we can do it for you while you wait if you have a booked slot. We have a customer waiting area and friendly staff who will make you a cup of tea or coffee while you wait.

Cost of an MOT

An MOT costs £29.65. If you require a partial re-test the fee is half the current MOT test fee.

MOT Re-tests & Failures

If your motorcycle or scooter fails the MOT then we can price up the repair for you and as long as you leave it with us and we repair it, there will be no charge for the MOT re-test.

If you decide to take your motorcycle or scooter away for repair and return it to us within 10 working days we will only charge you a partial MOT re-test fee. In any other situation a full MOT test fee will be payable .

Duplicate MOT Certificates

If we have completed an MOT on your motorcycle or scooter and you lose your MOT certificate we can issue a duplicate certificate at a cost of £10.00

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